Clark Joseph Kent



Strength 10/30

Dexterity 14

Constitution 10/30

Intelligence 10

Wisdom 12

Charisma 14

Fort: +10 Reflex: +5 Will: +7

Defense 16

Feats: attack specialization (unarmed) 3, attack focus (ranged)6, dodge focus 6, quick change, untapped potential


  • Super strength (distracting) 30 (super breath, groundstrike, alternate power: enhanced strength)

—>alternate power: enhanced strength 20, penetrating 10

  • Heat vision (blast (distracting) 10 (alternate power: super senses)

—>alternate power: super senses (x-ray vision, ultrahearing, microscopic vision 1, enhanced vision 2, enhanced hearing 2)

  • Flight (distracting) 9 (alternate powers: quickness, speed)

—> alternate powers: quickness (physical actions)9, speed (distracting)9

  • Enhanced Constitution 20, impervious 8 (alternate power: regeneration)

—> alternate power: regeneration 28 (staggered 1/round no rest, disabled 1/minute, unconscious 1/round, injured 1/round, ability damage 1/5 minutes, +7 recovery bonus)

  • Regeneration 3 (bruised 1/round no rest)

Skills: Notice 6ranks= +7, sense motive 6 ranks= +7, profession(journalist) 5r= +5, diplomacy 7r= +9


Weakness (Green kryptonite): -1con/minute (4)

Power Loss (when not under a yellow sun, super strength, enhanced constitution, flight, heat vision) (4)


Kal-El was born on Krypton, during the planet’s last days. Kal-El’s father, Jor-El had forseen the planet’s destruction and had created a spaceship to send his infant son to safety. As krypton died Kal-El was rocketed to Earth, where his ship crashed in Kansas. The infant Kal-El was found by Jonathan and Martha Kent, who decided to raise the child as their own. They named him Clark Joseph kent.

Clark Kent was raised in Smallville, Kansas, where he grew up on his family’s farm. He played football in high school and had a high-school sweetheart, Lana Lang. despite his happy childhood he always had a hard time fitting in because of his developing powers. Occasionally he would use his powers to help others in need and for a short time he assumed the alternate identity of Superboy in order to use his powers without attracting attention to Clark Kent. Following his graduation from high school, Kent gave up the Superboy persona and wandered the world for a while, but finally attended Metropolis University. He briefly became the protégé of world-famous journalist: Simone D’neige, in Paris.

After graduating Kent got a job as a reporter at the Daily Planet where he befriended Jimmy Olsen and Perry White and fell in love with Lois Lane. Curious about his past he started to look in to his Kryptonian heritage, which led to him recovering some Kryptonian technology and building his fortress of solitude. Realizing the full extent of his heritage and powers Clark again assumed an alternate identity, that of Superman.

Unknown to all but a very few people, Clark Kent thus lives a double life as Superman. Among those who know this secret are: Martha and Jonathan Kent, Lana Lang and Batman. At first, Kent saw Superman as no more than a disguise, a way he could use his powers while still maintaining his normal life. As time went on though, he came to see that it was not a either/or situation, but that he was a combination of both identities. His Clark Kent identity is important to him. It is Clark Kent who permits Superman to remain part of the people, as he can move among them as Superman cannot.

Clark has also discovered the downside of his alternate identity. He has made quite a few powerful enemies such as Lex Luthor, Mongul and Darkseid. To keep Clark Kent’s friends safe he can not reveal his secret identity or they could be put in harm’s way. Further more, Lois Lane, the woman he loves, has shown increasing romantic interest in Superman, while completely ignoring the mild mannered Clark Kent.

About a year ago, what appeared to be an asteroid crashed near Metropolis. As scientists went to investigate the crash-site they were attacked by a raging monster. After killing everyone near the site the monster went on a rampage, heading towards Metropolis. Clark was alerted to the presence of the monster by the voice of his father, calling from the fortress of solitude. Jor-El warned him that the monster was a creature named “The Ultimate”, an ancient Kryptonian genetic mutant that was unstoppable and had been destroying planets for millenia. As superman engaged the monster near the edge of Metropolis the media gave the creature a new name, Doomsday.

Superman fought the creature to a standstill, preventing it from entering the city but was unable to defeat it. In the meantime another hero arrived on the scene, Batman. Realizing the threat the creature and the battle meant for the people of Metropolis, Batman used an experimental device called a Zeta-transmitter to teleport Doomsday and Superman to a remote location, the antarctic near Superman’s fortress of solitude. The ensuing battle al but leveled the fortress. While Superman kept Doomsday busy, Batman formulated a plan. Superman had to fly Doomsday up in to space to a nearby passing meteorite. Once on the meteorite a Waynetech Rock-killer satelite would launch a volley of plasma missiles that would stun doomsday and push the meteorite away from earth.

Batman’s plan worked. With great effort Superman managed to get Doomsday on the meteorite, the missiles stunned Doomsday and pushed the meteorite away, carrying Doomsday away from earth. Unfortunatly Superman himself was caught in the blast as well. He had not yet reached a safe distance from the meteorite as the missiles detonated. Superman fell back to earth and hit the ground in Metropolis. Although Superman survived, the endless fight with Doomsday, the explosion and the fall proved to much for even his body to recover from instantly. Batman recovered Superman’s broken body and brought him to the Batcave. There Superman recovered over the course of a few weeks. During this time Batman studied the Kryptonian and learned that although Superman would make a full recovery, it would take a long time, during which his powers would not be at full strength.

Amost a year later, Superman has recovered a lot of his power, although he is still far from his old self. He has resumed his vigil as Superman, watching over Earth, although he fears the day the monster Doomsday will return.

Clark Kent has returned to the daily planet as well. During his recovery he had told Perry and Lois that he had to take a leave of absence because of personal problems back in Kansas. All has returned to normal for now.


Clark Joseph Kent

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