Green Lantern Jade

I don’t know if I’m worthy of this power, but that won’t stop me from kicking your ass!


Samantha traynor’s life was average in every way. She had a normal job as a receptionist and an outgoing social life. However this life didn’t bring her any satisfaction. This all changed when a green ring flew through her window and said that she had been chosen to join the green lantern corp. Without hesitation she put the ring on and as the green energy surrounded her she decided to cast of the shackles of her previous boring life and fully embrace her new life as Green Lantern.

She immediately followed the ring’s instructions and went to Oa at the centre of the universe to begin her training under Drill Sergeant Kilowog. The training was harsh and brutal, but with Kilowog’s guidance she evolved from poozer Samantha Traynor into Green Lantern Jade.
She stationed herself on Oa and only went back to earth when she had to patrol it . A couple of months ago, she was part of an op to liberate a planet under the control of the Sinestro Corp. During this op she and several of her partners were hit with an unknown energy blast which interfered with their abilities to channel will.

The beam’s effect was different on each of its victims, Jade only lost some of her abilities while others completely lost their powers. Not being able to find out whether to problem lies with the ring or the GL and concerned about this new weapon the Sinestro Corp has available. The Guardians decided different treatments for each victim in hopes of finding a cure and defense against it. Jade was sent back to Earth with restrictions on her duties as a GL and having to undergo regular medical checkups to see whether her condition changed. Now Jade faces the difficulties of resuming a life she abandoned.

Green Lantern Jade

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