Daniel Hunter



Section 8 armor by haloidfan d3965vf


H(ostile) E(nvironments) R(escue) O(perations) was conceived by Daniel Hunter as a response to tragic distasters such as the oilspill in the gulf of mexico, where it was hard to do anything about it due to the circumstances. So with his knowledge in technology Daniel set out to create a suit that would allow him to operate under the most dire of circumstances, lending aid where needed so that distasters like that would not happen again. But the suit wasn’t finished yet when a problem occured in space with one of the nuclear satellites. So Daniel injected himself with a prototype batch of nanites to make sure he could survive being in outer space and set off to stop the satellite from crashing on tokyo. It worked. The nanites left him immune to environmental conditions, but they also had other unforseen effects. He stopped aging, was able to wirelessly interact with electronics and gained some senses beyond human capacity. But he also quickly found out that without the nanites he would not survive for very long as they were all that was keeping him alive.

Daniel Hunter

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