Alice Ryder

A young archaeologist


Alice has always been her father’s favourite? He spoiled her to no end, was never really able to deny her anything.
Her father’s a very successful businessman, with hotels, casino’s and clubs all over the country.

Alice was never interested in following in her father’s footsteps, and instead chose to pursue an academic career as an archaeologist. She excelled at this, and managed to get a position at the local university.

Two years ago on a dig in the middle east her team discovered a strange artifact. it looked like a silver bracelet, but with strange decoration, and it didn’t fit any of the context it was found in. For some reason, while cleaning the item she decided to put it on. She item became quite hot on her arm and then cooled down again. And then she began to hear a voice in her head, a voice she’s come to know and trust over the next months. The voice has taught her things, and warned her of impending danger.

About a year ago, Alice witnessed a violent carjacking through her window. The voice urged her to do something, and she reacted. She called forth the power stored in her bracelet, and without really thinking about it she flew down. Withing seconds she took out the gangsters and tied them up for collection by the police.

In the next weeks she learned to control the powers, and established another identity. She doesn’t want the world to know her true identity, and therefore always wears her shining armor into a fight.

The media now speak of Angel.

Alice Ryder

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